Our impact

Since the pandemic began in March 2020 until April 2021, we have witnessed an outpouring of love for our NHS. People from all walks of life from across Bristol have donated money and gifts worth almost £4 million to our local hospitals. This has already made a life-changing difference to our patients and staff during the most critical time for our NHS in our living memory.

The support of our incredible donors has enabled us to fund a whole host of projects across our five core areas of funding: ground-breaking research, patient and family wellbeing, staff wellbeing and training, cutting-edge equipment, and enhancing buildings and spaces.

We are incredibly grateful to every single donor who helps us in our aim to be there for every patient, every step of the way. 

Supporting your local NHS in Bristol

Funding robotic surgery to fight prostate cancer

Every day, more than 130 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer, making...
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Helping patients with additional needs

Touch. Taste. Sight. Sound. Smell. Our five senses are a powerful influence over the way...
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Supporting our ICU with the most advanced technology available

Our ICU is one of the busiest departments across the UK, treating over 2,600 critically...
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A robotic digital microscope for brain surgery

You can save more lives for those living with brain tumours, disease and injuries, by...
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Specialist support staff: Fresh Arts

Introducing Laura Tanner, the Charity-funded Music Manager When local musician and teacher Laura Tanner was...
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Upgrading rest areas for our staff

Day after day, night after night, 12,000 dedicated staff across our hospitals work unbelievably hard...
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Our award-winning staff wellbeing programme

It’s through your support of our 12,000 staff that your loved ones stand the best...
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Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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