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Your stories are a powerful way to raise awareness of the amazing work that happens every day at our hospitals. 

If you’re an existing or former patient, a family member or friend, or a staff member, we’d love to hear about your experience and why you want to help make your hospital even better.

Please complete one of the forms on the right and we will contact you soon. If you’d prefer to contact us directly with your story, please contact Rebecca.

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Photo of John at home

Remembering John: Carol’s story

After her husband John was injured during a fall, Carol remembers the wonderful care of...
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Julie’s story: Make sure you say ‘thank you’ to the NHS

Julie sells crafts to raise money for the Breast Cancer Centre where she was treated....
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Laura’s story: One fundraiser became 12 months of fundraising

Laura challenged herself to 12 months of fundraising for the Bristol & Avon Multiple Sclerosis...
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Remembering Mark: Penny, Clare, and Sharon’s story

Penny, Clare, and Sharon share their memories of their son, brother, and husband, Mark. Mark...
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Tristan’s story: I had to give back to the team that saved me

Tristan turned his experience in the Intensive Care Unit into an inspiration for fundraising.
Tristan’s story about giving back

Paddy’s story: I couldn’t walk away with just a ‘thank you’

The NHS has always been there for Paddy and his family. Growing up in north...
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Tanya’s story: I stepped outside my comfort zone

Tanya, senior sister on the Stroke ward, has spurred on her team to fundraise. I’ve...
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Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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